“A Place to Stay” is a Texas-wide concert tour designed to raise awareness for children in the foster care system while educating community members on how to become part of the solution. The initiative features:

–       12 concert tour stops in communities across Texas headlined by country music stars and featuring songs from The Foster EP

–       Media campaigns designed to highlight the needs and organizations in each community along the tour

–       Partnering opportunities for local foster/adoption nonprofits and ministries that will increase visibility of local foster care leaders

Never before have local leaders, government, and the faith community been so unified around changing the lives of foster children. We have the resources and the vision. Now we need you to step in and help provide A Place to Stay for every child in need in our state.
The Foster EP is a collection of songs, written and performed by Kyle Hutton and iconic Texas singer/songwriter Radney Foster, for the purpose of exploring the emotions and realities of the Texas Foster Care System.

Do your children love music?

The art of songwriting can be a great activity for kids - it encourages children to express their emotions in a healthy way, promotes creativity, and empowers them by proving they can do anything they set their mind to. 👍🏻

Besides, it’s fun! See what your kids can create!


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