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Understanding the Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages is a famous book written by Dr. Gary Chapman, which goes onto explain the concept of five different ways to show love. Coveted by many, people have used this knowledge better love their spouses, and even repair broken marriages or family...

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What Can I Do Right Now?

Not everyone can foster. Some people are currently in situations where it’s not ideal- you may already have a house full of children, both partners may work a full-time job, or you may be unsure of where you’ll be in the near future. There are plenty of reasons why...

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Fostering a Teenager

It is heartbreaking to see the number of teenagers in the foster care system that age out without ever having a family to call their own. As a teen in the system, you have a much better understanding of your situation and what you were put through than a child. Many...

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Don’t Walk Away

When faced with a difficult situation, people tend to respond in similar ways. They often prefer to stay in the dark, blissfully ignorant to the world’s problems. They are scared to burden their hearts with the knowledge of what's truly happening- in fear that they...

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Loving & Accepting the Biological Parents

It is no secret to those in the foster care world; we know that the biological parents of the kids in need are usually in a bad place. They have a past that led them astray and caused them to abandon their children when they needed them the most. As the people saving...

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Creating a Space That’s Their Own

Think back to when you were a child, and try to remember how excited you were about having your own “big kid room,” as you grew older. You loved having a special place to play with all your toys, read your books and likely even had an idea or two about the way you...

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There’s Something You Can Do RIGHT NOW

“A Place to Stay” provides community-changing involvement opportunities for individuals, corporations, donors & sponsors, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. Every child in the foster care system deserves a loving family. The primary goal of “A Place to...

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Using Natural Remedies to Combat Trauma

In today’s blog, we wanted to highlight the use of essential oils to combat stress and anxiety. Traumatic events (especially in childhood) can create a huge wake of pain in the aftermath. It can cause symptoms of anxiety, social isolation, depression, fear, night...

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You’re Not Alone!

Our mission here at A Place To Stay is to create more awareness for the children currently in the foster care system. Here are 3 examples of other great resources that have done the same! If you're feeling alone in this fight, rely on those who have gone before you....

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