Adoptive and Foster Parents- God is using you for such a beautiful, broken mission. In some of the most difficult situations our world faces, you are being used as a light to give love to the broken, who need it dearly. Not only are you supporting children who need extra love, support, and help, but you are also caring for their parents and siblings. 

These situations are all unique and while they are extremely rewarding, they can bring a lot of uncertainty, worry, and unknowns that can start to take a toll. No matter what comes your way, there are a few beautiful truths you have on your side that will never change…

God is on your side. You are never, ever alone in your struggles. The Lord is an ever-present help in trouble. He sympathizes with us, holds us, rejoices in our successes and mourns over our losses. He brings us peace and gives us the wisdom to take on anything that we may face. 

Having weaknesses does not mean that you are weak. We are human, and humans are flawed. These weaknesses are what encourage us to lean on the Lord and further our relationship with him. Where we fail, the Lord steps in and shows his strength. And remember, the act of foster is broken in and of itself. There is no way to “do foster care” perfectly, and the fact that you are giving it your best shot is so powerful and strong. 

It is not your job to solve all of the problems. That is simply impossible. These children have been through countless situations that have affected them in different ways, some we may never know or understand. Your job is to simply love these children and families for who they are despite their mistakes, and offer them the best possible emotional, physical and spiritual support you can. Love them and show them the love of the Lord! 

It’s important to take care of yourself. If you are a broken, tired mess, there is no way you can possibly put your best foot forward. Challenge yourself, but learn to listen to your mind and soul and what they need. Make sure that you have time in your life to relax and do the things you would like to do. Whatever this looks like for you- like hiring a babysitter on Friday afternoons or taking a vacation, do not feel guilty about it. Enjoy yourself, so you can come back rested and ready to get back into it.