CPS workers are at the heart of every foster kid’s placement. They are the ones that make life-altering decisions for these children and families. The fact is that it’s a really hard job, and you don’t get many thanks. If you know a caseworker, give them a quick hug, or tell them thank you for what they do! You never know how much they need it.

One of the big problems with getting more CPS social workers is because of its reputation for being a hard place to work. The people who work there need to be really tough in order to make the hard decisions they need to make and to deal with so many families and children. I’m sure you can imagine the kind of stress this puts on an individual! But despite the work being very hard, it is an ESSENTIAL role that needs to be played for the foster care system to work. And a good caseworker can make all the difference in the life of a foster care family.

We just want to spread a little more appreciation for these hard-working individuals. While they may get a bad rap, they are essential! Most of them make less than the average working class teacher, and still take money from their own pocket to buy these kids meals and other essential items.

So say a prayer for the caseworkers out there! And encourage them when you come across one.

Thanks for reading!