Getting ready to foster brings a whirlwind of emotions. If you’re considering to foster or adopt, you need to make sure that you’re NOT rushing into things.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t trying to scare you away! But remember that this is a child’s LIFE. While yes, pretty much anything is often better than their current situation, it won’t help for them to think that they found a family, only to get passed around again. It is extremely important to ask yourself these questions:

“Is it in my heart/do I have a passion to become a foster parent?”

“Does my lifestyle/income support me being a foster parent?”

“Do I have a group of people or a system of support that can gather around me to help?

“How much of my time and love do I have available to give?”

Make sure that you are taking an objective look at the state of your family, your marriage, your kids, finances, and (maybe most importantly) yourself. Are you ready to take on the pain that this child has most likely endured throughout their childhood? Consider the grand scheme of things.

It’s important to look inside your own life objectively and ask yourself if this is the right thing to do. And when you know that this thing on your heart is not going away, act on it and NEVER look back! Trust your heart, but trust your brain as well!

And remember this for sure: FAITH is the key as well. There may be things that your see as “no’s” that God is going to transform through this experience. Just because you’re not perfect, or this may not feel like the right time, doesn’t mean that your not supposed to foster or adopt.

We hope we’ve been able to encourage you and get you thinking. Thanks for reading.