In short. They are OUR responsibility.

These children are a by-product of what is an extremely flawed world. We live in a place where bad things happen, and that means sometimes there are things that happen that nobody can explain. There are things that happen that can only be solved by good people standing up and doing the hard work necessary to set them right.


If .12% of families attending church weekly adopted a child out of foster care – there would be no children available for adoption in the system.

If .69% of families attending church weekly were certified for foster care – every foster child could be in a faith-based home and there would be a surplus of families waiting for a child to enter the system.

We are called to defend the orphan. Dave Thomas said, “These children are not someone else’s responsibility; they are our responsibility.” We need to make a promise to ourselves, and to these children, that we will find them the home that they need and DESERVE.

We believe that people don’t come to these children’s rescue NOT because they don’t have good hearts, but mainly because they are not educated enough to know there are children who need their help right around the corner. We firmly believe that through educating the church, we CAN and WILL solve the problem of the foster care system. The church can find the families and homes that these kiddos need.

In the U.S there are currently 443,000 children in the system, and 123,000 are available for adoption. Let’s band together and find these children a place to stay!