In today’s blog, we wanted to highlight the use of essential oils to combat stress and anxiety. Traumatic events (especially in childhood) can create a huge wake of pain in the aftermath. It can cause symptoms of anxiety, social isolation, depression, fear, night terrors, paranoia and more. You probably have dealt with stress and anxiety at some point in your life, but almost ALL foster kids are reported to feel anxiety in the early stages of their lives. We wanted to give parents a few tips on how to use essential oils to help anxious kids (and anxious parents) deal with their stress.

  1. Use Lavender | Lavender is helpful in calming the nerves and is PROVEN to help combat short-term anxiety and stress. It will also clear up the airways to help your body breathe more naturally.
  2. Rose Oil | When Rose is used as an inhalant, it can help to combat short-term anxiety, and is used to treat depression, panic attacks, grief, and other trauma-related symptoms.
  3. Orange | This oil is slightly less expensive but is known to be super-effective in the treatment of PTSD and anxiety related symptoms. Studies show that Orange may actually REVERSE anxiety symptoms, but more research still needs to be done.

Try these three techniques! Let us know if they work for you, or if you have any other techniques to try! Like us on Facebook, and don’t forget to SHARE!