When faced with a difficult situation, people tend to respond in similar ways. They often prefer to stay in the dark, blissfully ignorant to the world’s problems. They are scared to burden their hearts with the knowledge of what’s truly happening- in fear that they would end up feeling too sad about the situation at hand. This is simply selfish.

The world is a hard place, full of problems that rely on those willing to work to change them. These people regularly feel sadness about the situation, but that’s what gives them motivation and a passion that drives them to make a difference.

When talking to those about the possibility of becoming a foster parent, you might hear something similar to, “Oh, I would get too attached. It would make me too sad to let them go.” It can be disheartening that the possibility of grief would stop people from loving a child when they have no one else to do so. Even seasoned foster parents may begin to be wary of continually experiencing this feeling, after having experienced the loss of a foster child over and over again.  Whether you find yourself or a loved one thinking this, gently offer encouragement. Remind them that the child has no choice but to carry this sadness, and they need someone who is willing to share the burden with them and support them through it.

Jesus took upon all of humanity’s sins and burdens – and just try and imagine how much pain and sadness he experienced, especially as our creator. Without him to support us in our fallen world, we would be alone, forced to deal with our issues without anyone to truly help us. God gave us his gift of compassion and love and wants nothing more than for us to extend it to his people. The Lord continuously works through people, using them to spread the word of God to those who are need of it.

Next time you find yourself wanting to walk away from a heartbreaking issue, just remember that they will never be resolved without a driven individual carrying that burden, passionate about fixing that particular problem. Passion is a big driver in our modern world, in relation to our careers and relationships. Let’s use it to help others who need our compassion and support.