If you’re interested in jumping into the world of foster care, there are things to consider. Make sure that you’ve done your research, and most importantly, that you have talked to those who have done foster care themselves. Hearing personal stories about the triumphs, hardships, and problems to overcome is a great way to learn about what this foster care is realistically, and inspire others to take the leap. 

TED Talks are a great resource to learn about just about any topic, from a wide variety of people in different stages of life, different careers, and different opinions. There have been several great TED Talks touching on different topics in the foster care community that we think can be used as a great educational and motivational tool for foster parents, those looking to join the community, or just to educate others on the issue we’re currently facing when it comes to children that need help. 

“It’s the pain inside of you, the mark the world left on you, that is the mark that you will then leave on the world. Ask yourself the question “What mark do I have, what scars do I have and how can those develop into a passion to accomplish something for the world”?

This is talk done by Hank Fortner, the founder of AdoptTogether.org, which is the world’s first crowdfunding site meant to cover the cost of adoptions. He and his family have adopted 8 children from over 5 different countries and fostered over 36 children in their lifetime. He also founded World Adoption Day, a day to celebrate all adoptions around the world. 

       2.) Life in a Trash Bag: Restoring Dignity to Foster Children – Rob Scheer

Scheer tells his story of fostering to adopting- a foster child himself when his own family began fostering, four children showed up at his door with trash bags holding their belongings, and he knew he had to adopt them out of the system. He tells his story in hopes to shed light on the harsh reality of life in foster care and inspire people to play a part in making a difference in these children’s lives. 

      3.)  An Adoption Story – Jillian Lauren 

Jillian Lauren tells the story of her experience in adopting her son, through the perspective of both an adopted mother, and adopted child herself. She reflects on how far adoption has come, but how far it still has to go, as there are still millions of children in needs of a home. She shares her personal struggles and hardships, and well as stories of love and family as the mother of an adopted son.