If you are wanting to foster children but are worried you don’t have the time due to a full-time job, this blog is for you. You may be worried you won’t have enough time, energy or attention to devote to a child. We’re here to tell you that you do… if you want it bad enough

You can make time for anything in your life if you love it enough. Think about it… you’re busy with work, have a family and bill to pay, a house to clean and yet chances are you still make time to watch your favorite tv show. There are chances for you to open up space in your life- you simply have to rearrange your priorities. 

Once you meet your foster child/children, this will all come naturally to you. You’ll come home on Friday night instead of going out for drinks or wake up a little earlier before work to feed the baby. Sometimes it will be difficult, and sometimes you’ll be really tired. But as you watch your foster child blossom, and cultivate a bond with this child, it makes everything worth it. They become part of your family. 

For many Foster Families, support plays a major role in fostering children successfully. Having a group of people surrounding you that will lend a hand in helping with dinner, transportation or simply watching the kids is vital. Reach out to your community or ask your caseworker for information about getting involved in a foster family support group, and don’t be shy in asking your friends and family for help. 

There are also government-run programs that are great to use as a resource. You may also be eligible for subsidized childcare, like CCIS, a government-run program that assists families financially, regardless of your personal income situation. You also have the option of taking off work through an FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) for any birth, adoption or foster situation. 

Remember to talk to your caseworkers as well. Be realistic about what you can take on, and be open in explaining your situation to them. They will have great recommendations, and just remember, they want this to work out just as much as you do. Have them schedule any appointments or visitations around your work schedule, or when it’s most convenient to you. 

You’ll never be alone in your journey in foster care. There will be people around you who want to lend a hand and play a part in what you’re doing to help these children. Being a foster family is also about fostering a community, not being afraid to ask for help from others, and lending a hand when you can.