In today’s blog, we wanted to tell you about a great non-profit called Together We Rise. This organization consists of inspired young adults and former foster youth. They have been serving for 11 years, and they proudly help foster children nationwide. Not only do they help these children one on one, but they also collaborate with the community and companies to build a movement and encourage personal involvement. With these partnerships, they bring different resources and activities to children in need.

Started by a young adult himself, back in 2009, Danny Mendoza discovered that his younger cousin was living in his car. Naturally, he wanted to help. However, being under the age of 21, he was limited in his options. Suddenly, he got the idea for starting an organization where young adults could help make a difference for the foster youth, without becoming foster parents themselves. Their goal is to provide the respect and care that foster kids deserve- and to make their experience easier, and better. 

Together We Rise is proud to say that they help over 250 kids every single day! With the help of their partners, they were able to provide thousands of children across the nation with bicycles, school supplies, and bags for traveling from home to home. They are even able to provide scholarships to some foster youth. They strive to offer volunteer opportunities and programs that anyone can participate in, giving people the opportunity to actively make a difference in these kids lives. 

They also host charity team building parties for anyone from companies, schools, and churches to families. They serve as team-building activities that directly benefit foster kids- through tasks like creating birthday boxes, building skateboards, or decorating bags that will be gifted to them. They even give you to option to completely customize your event if you have an idea that you’d like to bring to life! Fundraising is always an option as well. The possibilities to make a change are truly endless. 

If the foster care crisis touches your heart, but you’re unable- or simply not ready to become a foster parent, partnering with Together We Rise is a wonderful organization to become apart of and help make a difference! Take a look at their website, for more information on their organization and their volunteer programs. We urge you to reach out and get involved!