Preparation is important when it comes to foster care- reading and learning all you can while waiting for your first child’s arrival is encouraged. But no matter where you are in this journey, continuing to learn and educate yourself about the depth of foster parenting, the truth behind the system, and ways to better care for the children in your care can go a long way. Even in parenting in and of itself, there are always areas where you can improve. There are so many great books on foster care, each ranging in a variety of specific subjects. If you’re interested in learning about a particular topic, odds are there is a book about it. Here are just a few of our favorites.

  1. The Lifebook Journal by Therese Accinelli – this is a great tool to use with your foster children that are ages 6-12. It includes worksheets and activities that can help them ease into their new home and this way of life. It’s a great tool for teaching how to deal with anger and sadness, and coping mechanisms to help them out. This book can be a great bonding tool or something that your child navigates on their own. Who knows, the journal can travel with them to many different foster homes- and it allows them to look back on their journey after they’ve grown up and out of the system.
  2. Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control by Heather T. Forbes – This book explores trauma and the irregular behaviors that foster kids may exhibit. She explores why some children struggle with attachment and offer some guidance on how to manage it. Not only will this book give you more knowledge on the why behind these behaviors, but it will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of these children.
  3. Foster Care and Social Networking by Eileen Fursland – With social media being so present in this day in age, we can become numb to the privacy in some of the information we share online- especially as kids when we don’t know any better. Being a foster parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child, while still using social media as a way to share your journey, inspire others and educate the people in your life. This is a guidebook giving tips on how to protect these kids from the dangers of the internet- particularly social media, while still allowing them to reap the benefits and opportunities it presents.