Communicating with our children can be hard at times. They just don’t think the same way we do! They are often preoccupied with other things, or sometimes just don’t want to have anything to do with us.

So how do we fulfill their needs for love, but also give them the space that they need to grow? We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but below are some great tools you can use! Try some of these, and watch your kid responds. Which makes him feel more loved? Which works better to help them understand what you are asking of them?

Remember, all kids will respond differently to different techniques. Success will come when you find the right communication tool for the right personality!

Keep Reaching Out

You might be thinking, “My child won’t even talk to me! How am I supposed to have a conversation with them?” Our advice is: keep trying! You never want your kiddo or teen to feel like you’ve given up on them. Whether or not they put in any effort into communication, you have to keep going. Whether or not you know it, they will still feel your love just from the simple effort.

Make Sure Your Child Knows the You’re Listening

Some kids can babble on all day if you let them. But, if you pay attention, it is easy to figure out when your child is telling you something important versus when they are just being silly. When this does happen, make sure you show them you’re listening. Just treat them like you would a friend! Let them finish speaking before you respond, give them plenty of eye contact, and try and show interest in whatever they are saying!

Respond To Their Concerns

Make your child feel as though their concerns are extremely important to you. While their stories may be long (and sometimes pointless) treat them with as much respect you’d have with a close friend. This builds a relationship with your child, and (for many children) is the best way to show them your love.

Ultimately, your child is going to give and receive love in many different ways. This is just one great way to make them feel like you truly care. And you might find it’s an easy way too!