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Three More Bottles

The first foster child to enter our home was a two-week old baby girl. Our boys are currently 20, 18 and 15, so having a newborn back in the house took some pretty serious adjustment. I’d forgotten the feel of the sleep deprivation fog that can set in with 3-hour...

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Foster Parent?

The application process to become a foster parent can be a strenuous one. The timetables truly depend on the parent's dedication to complete each and every step of the process. The key is staying driven, and keeping your eyes on the end goal. One of the problems that...

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What is Required to Become a Foster Parent?

Foster Parents Requirments Must be at least 21 years old. Must be in good shape/physical health Must pass an administered criminal background check Must be financially stable as to support a child Becoming a Foster Parent 1. Take the informational orientation 2....

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A Place to Stay – San Angelo

I was adopted at 6 weeks old after a brief stay in someone’s home. And as an adopted kid, I always felt like I was tuned in to topics and issues concerning adoption. It wasn’t till my wife Tara and I returned from a trip to Haiti 3 years ago that our eyes...

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Foster Care is about LOVE (tanks)

The life of a Foster child is a hard reality, but it's reality. The confusion, anxiety, and pain that a child in this situation endures are enough to emotionally scar ANYONE, at any age. It's very likely that these children started out life with no love from anyone....

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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Foster Care

Many people are completely unaware of what goes on behind the scenes in the life of foster parents and children until they become one of the two themselves. We think it's important to pull back the veil from the eyes of the public so that they can see how much help is...

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Arrogance vs. Confidence – Building Up Wounded Children

Fostered or adopted children who come from lives of trauma are known to typically fall into one of two extremes. They are often extremely shy or have the tendency to be overbearing. Is there a way to correct these behaviors? We believe that through the use of...

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You May be Using Essential Oils Wrong

In today's blog, we wanted to highlight the use of essential oils to combat stress an anxiety. Traumatic events (especially in childhood) can create a huge wake of pain in the aftermath. It can cause symptoms of anxiety, social isolation, depression, fear, night...

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Why Does Social Media Control Our Children?

At The RLRM Foundation, we've seen music transform the lives of young children. We believe that the children who are growing up in today's world need all the positive self expression they can get. If you're tired of watching your kid struggle to fit in, or if they...

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